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Break out of your emotional narrative.

Junk Emotions are Like Junk Food, They Keep You From Your Best.


Nourish your psyche.

​Achieve your destiny!


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Women plunge headlong into peril because we feel the pressure of obligations: to family, employers, friends; a desire to be helpful, to be a pleaser, to be everything to everyone, everywhere, and forevermore.
Psychological Nutrition is not a concept that most women have ever really contemplated. We don't consider our emotions and reactions within the context of nourishment. Consequently, we unthinkingly consume a diet of negative emotions and thereby allow no room for positive emotions.
Psychological malnutrition has a profoundly harmful effect: it keeps us in the same emotionally unsatisfying loop; one that is fed by a false sense of obligation that keeps us unsatisfied in our relationships, closes doors to opportunities through martyrdom, insincere niceness, and doing for others with resentment rather than love. It is not your best self.
Psychological fulfillment: This is the ultimate goal of psychological nourishment. It is living life with an emotional pyramid firmly set on the ground of self-actualization, and of atom splitting the creativity of others. Not just achieving your goals, but uplifting others in the spirit of feminine cooperation.
Don't get put off by these big statements: this is where we should all be living, fulfilling the best in ourselves and others, not bottom-dwelling in survival mode.
How you go about doing that is the basis of this book. And what you achieve--for yourself and for those with whom you share your bounty-is the ultimate aim.

AUTHORS: The authors happen to be clinical psychologists; but more importantly, we are women in some stage of middle age at a turning point in our lives: to live a physically and mentally healthier and more enriched and giving life.

Special Announcement:
Shoba & Linda will appear live on "San Diego Living"
Monday, June 13th

9:00-10:00 am PDT
Click here for more info

Health First Radio interview, part 1 - Hosted by Dave Fuller
Health First Radio interview, part 2 - Hosted by Dave Fuller

On Monday, June 13th, Linda & Shoba were in San Diego to appear on live television to talk about Psychological Nutrition.  They were guests on "San Diego Living," a local morning lifestyle program on The CW affiliate Channel 6.  You can watch their segment (approx. 5 minutes) at this link:

The CW6 "San Diego Living" - Understanding Psychological Nutrition

We have photos from the set coming shortly!

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END/PAIN, a platform designed to reimagine the way we think about pain, wants to hear your story about pain and healing ... especially if you found help and guidance from Psychological Nutrition.  To submit your story, visit

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Junk Emotions are Like Junk Food--
They Keep You From Your Best.


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