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The Dr. Leslie Show 6/10/16 - (edited)
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Dr. Jeanette Gallagher 5/30/16 - Part 1
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Dr. Jeanette Gallagher 5/30/16 - Part 2
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The Dr. Leslie Show 4/27/16 - (edited)
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Health First Radio interview - Part 1 (edited)
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Health First Radio interview - Part 2
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Sep 26, 2018

As parents, they say we’re not allowed to have a favorite child. We want each of our children to have the same opportunity for success, and to feel just as loved. But favoritism may come more naturally than we want to believe. And the question is: how does it affect our kids in the long run?

Dr. Weinberger and Dr. Sreenivasan discuss this topic on "The Lisa Valentine Clark Show".  You can hear it here:

Time Management, Mothers with Self-Control, The Art of Complaining, Parental Favoritism

Linda & Shoba are the fifth segment of the podcast, beginning at approx. 67 minutes.  The link above should take you directly to that spot in the audio track; if not, click on the progress bar of the track to jump directly there.

Aug 29, 2016

Shoba & Linda continue to post original articles at Psychology Today in their series "Emotional Nourishment".  The latest is titled:

"Are You Being Bullied in the Workplace?"


An excerpt:  ...Adults at work don’t bully one another.  That’s playground behavior.  Right?  Wrong!  In fact, it is estimated that 65 million workers are impacted by workplace bullying.  The Workplace Bullying Institute estimated that in 2014, a whopping 27% of U.S. workers were experiencing currently or had previously experienced bullying at work...  Read more

A sampling of previous blogs at Psychology Today include:

"Helping a Friend Whose Loved One Is Seriously Ill" (8/15/16)


Have you ever been in a situation when a close friend calls or emails you and says that their child, spouse, or parent is seriously ill?  What do you do?  What do you say?  A flood of thoughts and feelings are cruising through your mind and body, and all you want to do is help your friend in their time of need....  Read more

"Anomic Homicide: The link between social alienation and shootings" (7/25/16)


In 1897, French sociologist Emile Durkheim theorized that a breakdown in shared values that integrate a person into the larger society creates alienation as there is no social glue to bond the person to society.  Durkheim labeled this “anomie” and predicted there would be higher rates of suicide under such disconnected and dysregulated societal circumstances.  Durkheim described the phenomenon as anomic suicide.  However, just as social dysregulation and a lack of social connectivity can lead to self-harm, we believe that it can also play a role in anomic homicide...  Read more

"Emotional Anorexia: Why others think you are difficult" (6/13/16)


...Forming and maintaining loving, intimate relationships requires open communication, respect, giving of oneself, and tolerance. Successful relationships also include each partner helping the other achieve their needs, wants, and desires for themselves and as a couple...  Read more

"Ejecting the Beauty Myth" (5/7/16)

For women, whether we admit it or not, two potent mythical figures course through our psychology, that of the maiden (or, in modern terms, the sexy chick) and the crone (or, the old lady). We know the maiden well: she’s the beautiful young princess. But who is a crone?...  Read more


"5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Junk Emotions" (4/29/16)

​...Here are 5 ways to get rid of junk emotions.  1. Lower your consumption of high-fat emotions. High-fat emotions are negative and energy draining; they suck the fun and creativity out of your life and are bad for you. Examples: guilt, resentment, anger, envy, jealousy, frustration. High fat (or negative) emotions create and maintain a cycle of pessimism and low-energy. They are fatiguing and close the door to creativity and joy...  Read more

Aug 24, 2016

​​Shoba & Linda's article titled "A New Prescription for Chronic Pain" has been published in the September/October 2016 issue of Well Being Journal.  The article discusses alternative strategies for pain management based on the Psychological Nutrition approach.  The magazine is now available at newsstands and check-out lines at stores such as Whole Foods.  A print copy can be ordered online for $6.95, and a digital copy can be downloaded for $4.00.


Click on the graphic below to see selected pages from the printed magazine pertaining to the "Chronic Pain" article, including the Editor's Note and the 4-page article itself.

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Aug 01, 2016

In an article posted at Sivana, a blog site devoted to yoga, spirituality and Eastern-influenced lifestyles, Shoba reveals how to unleash a "tsunami of incredible developments."  Titled:

"Becoming A Dream-Releaser: The Feminine Divine Revolution"

it begins:

Recurring aspects or themes of feminine divinity are Mother (nurturer) and Fertility (creator)–these are evident across cultures and time.  What we mean by the “feminine divine” relates to “dream releasing.”  In this sense, it means a cooperative impulse aimed at nurturing the creative potential in others and giving life to the actualization of one’s dreams.  Feminine divinity can unleash a revolution–not a political one–but one that is spiritual and changes how we interact with one another.  It means looking for ways to use our resources, professional and personal, to nurture and release another’s creative potential, as well as helping them make their dreams come true.  Doing so begins the dream-maker revolution where each of us is a revolutionary...Read more

Jul 28, 2016

An article published at The Chalkboard Mag, devoted to making wellness accessible and stylish, sums up the concepts of the Linda & Shoba's book nicely.  It is titled:

"Are 'Junk Emotions' Worse For You Than Junk Food?"

The editors preface the article saying:

WE LOVE THIS fascinating perspective on negative emotions from the authors and psychologists behind Psychological Nutrition... These doctors know just how many of us have kept a food journal to become more aware of the kinds of calories we’re consuming daily. Their goal is to help us apply that same way of thinking to how we’re managing our psychological and emotional “intake” daily too.  Is it possible that keeping an emotional journal can help us break bad habits? It’s certainly worked for many of us when it comes to food and better managing our diets, so we’re willing to give it a shot..Read more

Jul 20, 2016

Shoba & Linda spoke live on-air for nearly an hour with host Tamara Neal about toxic relationships and "Psychological Starvation".  Neal's show, "Tamara’s Relationship Transformations", helps people identify unhealthy emotional and physically abusive relationships, but also discusses positive relationships and how to transition to them.

The promo for the episode notes, "As psychologists at one level, but just as women with professional and familial demands on their own plates, Drs. Sreenivasan and Weinberger have observed how female colleagues, friends and they themselves neglect their own psychological nutrition in order to please others and in so doing so end up in 'psychological starvation' mode. They take their unique and extensive experience as forensic psychologists and turn their analytic eyes toward how and why women strive to do 'everything' and in the process risk losing themselves."

The show is available at, or on iTunes (7/20/2016 episode) or Stitcher.  You can also hear the 55-minute program in the two tracks below, split roughly in half:

Jul 20, 2016

An article by Shoba & Linda about the insidious nature of "crone psychology" has been published in, an online woman's magazine that focuses on the positive attributes of aging.  The article is titled:

"Ejecting Beauty Myths for a Happier and Healthier Life"


...One poisonous offshoot of the crone psychology is that as women age they may start to feel like “sidebars” and not the main event. That is, we become peripheral figures. As a result of this type of thinking, one’s sense of sexuality is diminished. Thus, we may feel somewhat invisible to others (that is, we can no longer redeem the “pretty girl discount.”)..Read more


(This article is a modified version of one originally published in Shoba & Linda's Psychology Today "Emotional Nourishment" blog.)

Jul 10, 2016

Our authors spoke about aging, the death of Prince, opioids, pain management and other topics on "The Fountain of Truth" hosted by aging advocate Adriane Berg.  The weekly show about Baby Boomer lifestyle and fulfillment is syndicated around the country as well as on-line at  You can hear an edited version of the show, with Shoba & Linda's segment only, in the track below.  To hear the full program, including the first (unrelated) guest, vist this Archive link, scroll down to the audio tracks listed alphabetically by date and find "July 10" (after January and before June).  There you can stream the episode or download it.

Jul 07, 2016

An article at about the emotional consequences of interacting more with digital devices than directly with people cites Shoba and Linda on the topic.  It is titled:

"Increase in ‘psychological disconnect’ as digital revolution evolves"


Shoba Sreenivasan, Ph.D. and Linda E. Weinberger, Ph.D. ... say that, “If digital communication becomes the predominant way of interacting with others, we may risk losing the ability to ‘read’ subtle facial expressions in communication, to recognize psychological boundaries, and to understand through seeing and experiencing how our communications impact others. More profoundly, if digital communication becomes the main mode of relating, it may lead to rendering face-to-face interpersonal interactions alien and uncomfortable, and therefore avoided.”  Read more

Jun 21, 2016

The online platform END/PAIN ( is creating a network of indiividuals to reimagine the way we think about pain, and is gathering stories about pain and healing.  The authors of Psychological Nutrition urge their readers to submit their own stories around the subject matter, especially if they have found help and guidance through their work with the book.  Or if you know a story from your community that deserves to be shared, EndPain would like to hear from you.  To see the guidelines and to make a submission, visit:

END/PAIN's mission is "to present options, to share stories about how others have made it through their pain, and to provide a little light in the midst of a very dark forest" by connecting users to various alternative practitioners and providing other resources "to discover different paths to healing that have stood the test of time."

Jun 15, 2016

Shoba & Linda have contributed a guest blog to The CEO Magazine, under the "Self-Governance" and "Leadership" tabs.  The article is titled:

Are You a “Success” Hoarder?

It begins:

Hoarding is characterized by the inability to throw or give things away. Just as one can hoard material possessions, you can also hoard opportunity. “Success” hoarders have a “me-first” psychology: they hoard ideas; they hoard credit or recognition; they hoard connections.  So, why is this wrong?...  Read more

On Monday, June 13th, Linda & Shoba were in San Diego to appear on live television to talk about Psychological Nutrition.  They were guests on "San Diego Living," a local morning lifestyle program on The CW affiliate Channel 6.  You can watch their segment (approx. 5 minutes) at this link:

The CW6 "San Diego Living" - Understanding Psychological Nutrition

Here are a few photos from the set (click to expand):

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The Fountain of Truth 7/10/16 - hosted by Adriane Berg (edited)
Tamara’s Relationship Transformations 7/20/16 - Part 1
Tamara’s Relationship Transformations 7/20/16 - Part 2

Shoba made her second guest spot on The Dr. Leslie Show to talk about Psychological Nutrition on Friday, June 10th.  The program aired on WSIC 100.7 FM / 1400 AM in Statesville, North Carolina (broadcast across five counties).  Shoba spoke in the "Wave of Fire" segment in the latter half of the 30-minute show.  You can listen online at this link:

Bridge Holistic Healing's The Dr. Leslie Show


Look for the episode dated 6/10/16 titled "Live Long, Die Short Part 2" (which refers to the first segment of the show).  If you don't see it there, visit the Show Archive.  The program is also available at iTunes, BlogTalk Radio and


The Dr. Leslie Show, a production of Bridge Holistic Healing recorded in Charlotte, NC, is about living well naturally, bringing education and inspiration towards leading a healthy, holistic life including the mind, body and spirit.  It has a reported daily listenership of 100,000 on the radio, plus its national and global online audience spans more than 190 countries.

Shoba's previously visited Dr. Leslie on April 27th (see below).

You can hear Shoba's portion of the 6/10 show in the track at the left (approx. 14 minutes):

May 30, 2016

Shoba and Linda were interviewed for a full hour about "Psychological Nutrition" by Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, retired dental hygienist, patient advocate, radio host and author based in New Orleans, LA.  Dr. Gallagher's podcast is a collection of casual conversations about health and life topics with inspiring and informative guests.  Shoba & Linda's interview can be heard at iTunes (5/30/16 episode) or at BlogTalkRadio under the title:

"Balancing the Mind: Dumping Negative Thoughts and Increasing Positive Actions"

The program was also broadcast (and is now archived) on Pyramid One Network based in Australia.

You can also listen to the hour-long interview in the two tracks at the left, split roughly in half.

May 07, 2016

The Canadian Business Journal has published an article by Shoba and Linda titled:


"Grow Your Business by Hiring Nurturing Leaders"


In addition to reading the artcle at the above link, you can view the magazine spread here.  (Click on the right or left side to turn the pages.  May not work without certain browser plug-ins.)


The article begins:


Many of us unconsciously believe that women in leadership roles should be like men —whether we will admit this or not. Certainly, this view has gained support in research of successful leaders: those females who have characteristics traditionally attributed to males (i.e., competitive, ambitious, assertive, task versus interpersonally orientated, secure in holding power and authority over others) will be perceived as more effective than women who do not have these traits. In fact, some studies suggest that professional women who are nurturing and cooperative (what are called “stereotypic feminine traits”) will be perceived in the “dog-eat-dog” man’s world as incompetent...  Read more

Apr 27, 2016

Shoba was a featured special guest on The Dr. Leslie Show on Wednesday, April 27th.  The Dr. Leslie Show, a production of Bridge Holistic Healing recorded in Charlotte, NC, is about living well naturally, bringing education and inspiration towards leading a healthy, holistic life including the mind, body and spirit.


The half-hour show airs online via iTunes, BlogTalk Radio and, or you can listen at  Look for the episode dated 4/27/16 titled "Psychological Nutrition" (a different speaker is featured in the first segment; Shoba speaks in the latter half).  If you don't see it there, visit the Show Archive.


Shoba's portion of the 4/27 show (approx. 14 minutes) can be heard in the track on the left.

Apr 27, 2016

The Health section of the international news site Epoch Times has published an in-depth interview with Linda and Shoba titled:


"Why Psychological Nutrition Is Food for the Soul"


An excerpt:


... Epoch Times: What inspired the idea of nutritional labels for emotions?

Dr. Linda E. Weinberger:  Today people are very concerned about their diet. They’re very concerned about whether it’s high in fat or fiber, low in sodium, and yet we’re not as attuned to our psychological nutritional intake. We really don’t assess whether our interactions with people are good for us or not, or whether if engaging in certain situations is going to help us psychologically or not. So we thought this would be a way of introducing this concept...  Read more

Apr 25, 2016

In honor of Mother's Day coming up on May 8th, Shoba & Linda have posted a special tribute to their mothers on the blog site Maria's Space, titled


"Lessons From Mom Will Be Your Greatest Gifts"


It begins:

The Yupik, an indigenous people of Alaska, had the tradition of passing down wisdom from elders to the young. They called these stories “wise words.” The wise words were shared as stories both profound and potent. The Yupik placed value on elder wisdom. We may not always recognize when such valuable wisdom comes from our own mothers, but this Mother’s Day remember that listening is one of the greatest gifts of all...  Read more

Apr 11, 2016

Shoba & Linda were interviewed on the air by Dave Fuller, host of Health First Radio, about "Psychological Nutrition."  The syndicated show was broadcast coast to coast.  The interview can be heard in the tracks on the left in two segments (length of tracks 10:40 and 15:24).

Feb 18, 2016

Linda Weinberger speaks about MacArthur “Genius Award” recipient Elyn Saks, founder of the Saks Institute for Mental Health Law, Policy, and Ethics, a think tank at USC Gould School of Law.  Linda's portion of the video is shown below (0:28).  To watch the entire 6-minute video, click here.

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